• 15/09/2021

    Cerea Mezzanine Funds support the family-owned Hafner group in financing its acquisition of Naturellement Gourmand

    Founded in 1929, the Hafner group is a well-known family business specializing in the fresh industrial pastry sector (cream pastries, pies, eclairs) and ready-to-stuff pastries such as pie crusts and puff pastries. Led since 2012 by Nicolas Sesmat, the group has pursued a strategy of modernisation of its industrial facilities and acquisitions, which has enabled it to become a major player in its markets with 3 production sites in the Loire, Savoie and Yvelines regions, as well as a small production plant in Canada.

    On July 28, 2021, Hafner acquired Naturellement Gourmand. This transaction will enable Hafner to (i) become the French leader in fresh pastries packed under protective atmosphere through the integration of Naturellement Gourmand’s subsidiary, Tartefrais, (ii) diversify into an adjacent and growing category (blinis, pancakes and crepes) through the integration of Naturellement Gourmand’s other subsidiary, Les Délices du Chef, and (iii) strengthen its position in Western France thanks to Naturellement Gourmand's two plants in the Calvados and Morbihan regions.

    Thanks to this transaction, Hafner will almost double in size, with sales in excess of €100 million in 2021. Furthermore, as a CSR-focused company, Hafner intends to extend to the enlarged group its commitment to environment, nutrition and employee development.

    Cerea Mezzanine funds participated in the financing of the transaction by arranging alone a junior mezzanine in addition to the bank financing provided by LCL and Société Générale.

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