• 26/01/2021

    Cerea Partners provides financing for the buyout of Plantex Group

    By supporting Mérieux Equity Partners in the buyout of Plantex Group, Cerea Partners demonstrates once again the breadth of its sector focus and its commitment to the health / functional food segment.

    On 18th December 2020, the Cerea Mezzanine III fund arranged a mezzanine debt to finance the acquisition of Plantex Group by Mérieux Equity Partners alongside long-time shareholders.

    Established in 1990, Plantex specializes in the production of natural plant extracts dedicated to the nutraceutical (food supplement), agrifood, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and animal nutrition markets.

    Derived from approximatively 250 European (thyme, lemon balm, lemon, black radish, etc.) and exotic (vanilla, ginger, guarana, acerola) botanical species, the company's product range includes more than 3,000 extract applications, marketed under a variety of solutions ranging from dried or liquid extracts to plant mixes, and designed to address standard as well complex requirements.

    Plantex commands a unique position in its market thanks to the large variety of its extract offering, the quality of its supply-chain (raw materials are usually sourced directly from producers), its pioneering and leading position in the organic space (organic certification since 1998, with over 25% of sales derived from organic extracts) and its global footprint, with approximately two thirds of sales achieved out of France.

    The company's new majority shareholder (Mérieux Equity Partners), CEO (Mrs Aicha Debaissieux) and management team share strong ambitions regarding Plantex's development in the coming years, with a clear aim to reinforce the current pace of organic growth and internationalization and carry out selected acquisitions.

    This operation represents the 17th investment of the Cerea Mezzanine III Fund.

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