• 07/11/2022

    Cerea takes a majority stake in Groupe Ethique & Santé, a leading player in the medical and dietary treatment of the overweight

    Cerea Partners, the investor-partner of the food & beverage universe companies, announces today that it has acquired a majority stake in Groupe Ethique & Santé, alongside the founder and CEO Rémy Legrand and group’s employees. This first investment of the Cerea Capital III Fund amounts to € 13.5 million.

    Created in 2009 by Rémy Legrand, Groupe Ethique & Santé currently operates a network of franchised locations specialized in the overweight’s treatment pending MD prescription. The group has experienced a very strong growth since its inception and reaches almost a hundred sites. These centres use the RNPC® brand (Rééducation Nutritionnelle Psycho-Comportementale or Psycho-Behavioral Nutritional Re-education) registered by Groupe Ethique & Santé.

    On the weight loss market, Groupe Ethique & Santé stands out for its scientific approach with a program exclusively treating patients referred by their physician. The group achieved € 11 million turnover in 2021, growing by 27% p.a. since 2017.

    With this primary transaction, Cerea holds a majority stake in Groupe Ethique & Santé. Its founder Rémy Legrand remains CEO and is reinvesting significantly in the transaction. It is also currently proposed to each company’s employee to invest alongside the Fund.

    • With the support of Cerea, Groupe Ethique & Santé is embarking on a new journey in its development, mainly driven by:
    • Franchisee’s development thanks to better penetration of prescribing physicians’ network through a still higher training and tools;
    • New franchisees’ on-boarding in order to improve the geographical coverage;
    • Deployment of company’s concept abroad in Europe, likewise affected by overweight’s growth and its related secondary disease risks;
    • Larger investments in the scientific credibility of the program.
    Finally, the two partners will set up over the next few years the managerial succession of the founder.

    Rémy Legrand says about this transaction: “The RNPC® network is now recognised as an important player in both clinical and fundamental research, as well as in overweight prediction, prevention and management. As we wanted to become the reference in France and Europe, I was willing to be supported and accompanied by Cerea Partners. We share the same ambitions, namely, better nutrition, better production, better living”.

    Gilles Sicard, from Cerea Partners, says: “Overweight is a spreading epidemic that has a very damaging impact on the health of our fellow citizens and health system. As an investor in the food & beverage universe, Cerea Partners aims to contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of populations, in particular through the two pillars "better nutrition" and "better production". Our investment in Groupe Ethique & Santé, which fights against this scourge and helps in its prevention and scientific study, is therefore a natural fit with Cerea Partners' investment theme".

    Cerea takes a majority stake in Groupe Ethique & Santé