• 07/09/2017

    Recruitements at Cerea Partners

    Simon Baccelli is appointed Director, Cerea Dette
    Two new Associates for Cerea Capital

    Cerea Partners, the partner for Agrobusiness companies, has recruited Simon Baccelli as Director in the Cerea Dette team as well as Paul de Castries et de Laurent Brossaud-Monty, both Associates with Cerea Capital.

    Michel Chabanel, CEO of Cerea Partners declared: "The first generation the Cerea Dette programme, launched in 2015, has seen a solid investment pace and the arrival of Simon in the team will strengthen sourcing and execution capabilities. As for Cerea Capital, I am also delighted to welcome Paul and Laurent, who will play a key role in the analysis and carrying out of investment opportunities."

    Simon Baccelli, 36, Director, Cerea Dette
    Simon Baccelli joined Cerea Partners en 2017 as Director, Cerea Dette, after having spent nearly 10 years with Natixis in acquisition financing. He was previously a leveraged finance analyst with BNP Paribas in Germany and began his career in audit and transaction services with Ernst & Young.

    Simon holds a degree from ESSEC and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).

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