• 16/03/2020

    Cerea Partners is committed to promoting gender parity in the private equity industry

    By signing the France Invest charter, Cerea Partners is setting ambitious goals to further gender parity within its organisation and portfolio companies.

    Cerea Partners, the leading investor in the food & beverage value chain, has signed the France Invest charter in a reflection of its commitment to promoting gender parity.

    Women already account for 22% of the partners at the asset management company, which acquired its independence last autumn. Cerea Partners truly believes that increasing the number of women within an organisation is a responsible performance-driver. With this in mind, it is asserting its commitment to actively promoting gender parity within its organisation and at the companies it supports.

    As a signatory of the France Invest charter, Cerea Partners will endeavour to ensure that women make up a significant proportion of its investment teams by 2030 (in terms of the overall workforce and appointments to senior positions). It will also seek to promote gender parity on the executive boards of the companies it supports between now and 2030.

    This is an integral part of Cerea Partners' ESG approach, which began in 2010. It truly believes that responsible investing is built into the DNA of its business and it sees efforts to further gender parity as a means of consolidating the long-term financial return on its investments.


    Cerea Partners, formed in 2004, manages investment funds to finance small and medium-sized companies operating in the food & beverage value chain (companies in the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors or operating in the value chain of these sectors, such as in food retailing, catering, equipment, packaging and logistics). The company has raised €1.4 billion since it was formed, mainly from institutional investors, and has completed more than 130 deals.

    As a leading player in the food & beverage value chain, Cerea Partners has funds and teams specialising in buyout capital or mezzanine, unitranche and senior debt financing solutions.

    With such a broad and diverse offer, Cerea Partners is perfectly placed to support companies in their product-related, industrial and geographic development, both through organic and external growth.

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