Since its creation, Cerea Partners’ action has always been to support, as much as possible, entrepreneurs seeking to carry out ambitious development projects and in need of financial and strategic support from an expert of the Food & Beverage value chain. The manager is at the heart of the partnership with Cerea Partners.

As such, Cerea Partners has been committed to sustainable development for many years. As early as 2010, the company participated in the emergence of a reflection on these topics within the industry and implemented concrete actions.

Cerea Partners participated in the creation of the Sustainable Development Club of France Invest in 2010 (known as the ESG Commission since 2013) and has always been an active member.

Cerea Partners is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). This initiative aims to identify the links between investments and environmental, social and governance issues, and to help signatories incorporate these topics in their decisions regarding investment and shareholder decisions.

Cerea Partners has supported the action of the French Food Banks since 2015 and participates annually in the National Collection for the Paris and Ile de France Food Banks.

Cerea Partners is committed to the fight against climate change and is a signatory of the Initiative Climat International. This initiative is the first collective commitment of the French private equity industry for the responsible and transparent management of greenhouse gas emissions of the companies of which they are shareholders.

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