Céréa Capital II enters exclusivity for the sale of La Comtoise to Gimv


Céréa Capital II enters exclusivity for the sale of La Comtoise to Gimv

Created in 1994 in Louhans (Saône-et-Loire) by Michel Vanhove, La Comtoise develops and supplies tailor-made cheese solutions to industrial food processing groups, which are integrated into prepared foods such as breaded escalopes (cordons bleus), grilled ham and cheese sandwiches (croque-monsieur), sandwiches and hamburgers. Backed by Cerea Capital II and Unigrains since 2015, La Comtoise has achieved impressive growth to reach a turnover of EUR 33 million with a headcount of 37 people.

La Comtoise is positioned in the buoyant and resilient snacking and processed food segments and has been on a steady growth path for a number of years. With top-quality R&D capabilities and efficient production facilities, it develops tailored products for existing and prospective customers capable of adapting to the most demanding requirements in terms of organoleptic properties, while meeting the highest standards of production processes.

Gimv’s investment comes at a time when the company is doubling its production capacities to 24,000 tonnes a year. La Comtoise is keen to step up its growth with the development of new solutions, notably in cheese sauces. It will thus address a new clientele, particularly out-of-home catering. Drawing on the French expertise in cheese production, which is recognized all over the world, La Comtoise also intends to strengthen its international presence.

The deal is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.



Created in 2004, Céréa Partenaire manages investment funds dedicated to SMEs and mid-market companies specialising in agri-food business (companies in the food processing and agro-industrial sectors or active along the value chain of these sectors, e.g. retailing, catering, equipment, packaging, logistics, etc.). It has raised more than EUR 1.3 billion since inception, primarily from institutional investors, and has completed more than 100 transactions.

Céréa Partenaire has become a key player for agri-business companies in order to accelerate both their organic as well as external growth by supporting them in their industrial, product and geographical ambitions. Céréa Partenaire operates with funds and teams dedicated to buyout, mezzanine, unitranche and senior debt financing.

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