Food and Agribusiness: CEREA’s fields of action

CEREA MEZZANINE and CEREA CAPITAL are the only funds specialized in the Agribusiness and related sectors.

A sector covering a wide range of activities

Agricultural activities, agribusiness, agro-industries and related sectors: services, catering, distribution, equipment, packaging, logistics, health, etc.

A sector offering attractive opportunities

Europe is the world’s leading agribusiness power with over 300.000 companies active throughout the sector today.

These companies are constantly raising their level of competitiveness to meet growing market demands and find solutions for the food supply challenges of tomorrow.

Some of these companies must also ensure the transmission of their capital and need to consider modifying their shareholding or joining forces in order to remain independent and competitive.

Céréa provides such companies with the required financial resources and the support of a renowned agribusiness specialist committed to the success of their corporate evolution and future business development.